Join Avon/Justine


  1. To register with AVON, you must submit an order of at least R 700 from the current brochure. (You will automatically receive 2 hard copy’s brochures with your order.)
  2.  The registration fee is R 85 once-off and will be added to your very first order. 
  3. Every month hereafter you need to submit an order of at least R 550 to stay active.

  4.  Delivery is free for every order placed but an admin fee of R 23 will be added to every order.

Your Commission



Step 1:

Complete the Application Form

Step 2:

Place Your First Order From The Current Month’s Brochure

Step 3:

Photo of Your Identity Document (ID)

Step 4:

Contact me on Whatsapp so that we can complete an online application for you.

Application Form

Application Form

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  • I Want To Join Justine
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